Sterling Analytics Launches LED Lighting Upgrade Program for Facilities

March 23, 2018

Sterling Analytics announces an energy efficiency program to help Southern California companies improve their environmental impacts and operating costs.

As easy as changing a lightbulb

October 10, 2017

Alden Hathaway, Sr. VP, demonstrates the simplicity of the Southern California LCR program. Plug and play tubular LEDs (TLEDs) provide the best value and quickest payback in our incentive program.

Sterling Analytics Launches Incentive Program for LED Retrofit Lighting Projects

November 01, 2016

Energy Efficiency Program for Southern California utility customers targets lighting system upgrades with incentives that achieve an accelerated payback period and higher return on investment.

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Sterling Planet and Southern California Edison

November 13, 2015

Sterling Planet previously signed with Southern California Edison (SCE) in 2014 as one of their chosen, preferred sources to provide energy efficiency. Sterling Planet will help contribute to the 2,221 megawatts of power from diverse new resources SCE contracted with to help meet California's clean-energy goals.


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