Reduce energy costs while generating value with energy efficiency.


Choosing to take steps to improve energy efficiency can be one of the most effective, timely ways to reduce costs and create business value. For commercial and public sector facilities, a moe to LED lighting, an HVAC upgrade or other energy conservation measure is also a logical move toward energy sustainability. 


Sterling Analytics offers turnkey services to manage all aspects of an energy efficiency project, from the initial discovery phase to ongoing operation and maintenance. With the shared energy savings plan, building owners enjoy a low-risk, high energy savings option. There are no upfront project costs, and the efficiency improvements are instead covered by future energy cost savings. And these energy saving improvements are realized much earier than expected. 


Through green performance contracting, Sterling Analytics offers these services:


  • Discovery, analysis, and identification of priority energy conservation measures, such as LED lighting retrofits or HVAC upgrades


  • Financing arrangements that eliminate upfront costs and instead cover project costs through future predicted energy savings


  • Implementation of energy conservation measures


  • Measured and verified energy savings, with creation of White Tags energy efficiency certificates, available only through Sterling Analytics


  • Ongoing project management throughout contract term

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