Energy Efficiency Program Submission

Fill out this simple form to get going on your GREEN COMMUNITY Commitment 

We believe it is important for businesses to demonstrate a commitment to the Environment and will use Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and National Carbon Projects to eliminate our Avalon Carbon Footprint.  We recognize that our Carbon Neutral pledge is achieved based on our own actions and the company will receive credit for activities listed above.  

We will also promote the Green Community to our Employees and Customers who live and work in Alpharetta. 

We understand by signing this Pledge we sign the Company up to the Green Community, Avalon Program and all the benefits accruing to being a Green Community Member.

Avalon Green Community Carbon Neutral Goal:

Year One:                    20% Reduction

Year Two:                    40% Reduction

Year Three:                 60% Reduction

Year Four:                   80% Reduction

Year Five:                   100% Reduction


Green Community Enrollment Form

Participants in the Sterling Analytics LCR Lighting Efficiency Program cannot apply for “double incentives” - defined as, rebates, discounts, incentives or services from any other energy efficiency program for the same measure or project installed at the end user's site, including any incentives claimed upstream, midstream, and at the end user where a particular measure was installed or an activity occurred.
Thank you for your interest in this Energy Efficiency Program with Sterling Analytics for SCE customers in eligible areas.  
Once we process your information, we will contact you to schedule a lighting audit and next steps. 

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