Monitor energy use and impacts with analytical tools, such as an energy dashboard with real-time data shown on computers and handhelds


Online energy dashboards give viewers dynamic snapshots of energy performance in a single facility or across an entire enterprise. Screens with spinning gauges, fluctuating bar charts, greening grids, and a moving sun report integrated resource intelligence in intervals as narrow as one minute. Current, daily, monthly, annual and peak demand usage data and their comparisons provide actionable intelligence for employees at all levels, from the energy analyst to upper management. Analysis based text and email alerts, detailed reporting and complete data export flexibility supplement the meaningful graphics.


Sterling Analytics, LLC offers a comprehensive set of analytical tools and services to manage energy use and the related financial and environmental impacts. In fact, these capabilities are integrated into all services the company offers.


Accurate, timely, and actionable information powers these Sterling Analytics services:


  • Traditional energy management to control energy use as it occurs, minimize consumption during peak demand periods, get real-time rates for lower operating costs, and participate in utility incentive programs. 


  • Green energy management to manage all sustainable energy matters, such as energy efficiency projects, creation of White Tags® energy efficiency certificates and production of onsite power generating facilities


  • Sustainability assessments and consulting to assess environmental performance, develop metrics and performance indicators for ongoing measurement, and continually track progress toward goals


  • Utility management services to streamline interaction with utilities in key areas such as rebates, interconnection services, consolidated billing, demand response and real-time pricing management 


  • Energy control and use of technology to increase behavioral energy efficiency and optimize performance


  • Stakeholder engagement tools using social media and online

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